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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas disappointment

A few days ago I experienced such a great amount of disappointment. As many of my friends have also admitted to, we gauge when it is ok to accept the Christmas bug, on the viewing of the Coca-cola advert. You know, the one with the line of trucks all lit up with that jolly Father Christmas on the side. For years it has been a good gauge, it seemed strong enough not to bow to pressure and start earlier and earlier each year. So, I was devastated to see it last week. It's not that I don't like Christmas, I love it, the tree, the cake, and the music. However, I do feel that if the whole world left it well alone until December, then I wouldn't be that little bit bored of it come the actual day! And, it seems that now the advert gauge cannot be used I need to find a new one. Any ideas anyone??

Now I can admit to posting a festive themed post on this very blog already. But, as a crafter you find yourself preparing months in advance, and the onslaught of Christmas fairs inevitable. However, I am going to resist in adding the Christmas decorations to my Folksy shop until December. I am also working on an array of vintage stamp themed pressies, so keep a look out this weekend.


  1. I know what you mean, Christmas is such a magical time of year that the build up to it is often more enjoyable than tha actual day! I've not seen the Coca Cola advert yet but I have just come from picking my son up from my mums and on the music channel they were running down the top 50 Christmas songs!

  2. Hi Amy, I'm with you on the whole 'not before December' thing. We visited the Frankfurt Christmas Market about 6 years ago and the Christmas Coco Cola truck was there. I couldn't believe it - that was really Chrimassy and it was in December!