Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a new student, starting a distance learning degree through the Open College of Arts, and I am going to blog about what I have learnt and my work. You may be visiting this blog expecting to see work for sale, however I am now concentrating on being a student and loving it! Come and join me for the ride.

Friday, 14 January 2011

The horrors of being a baker and being on a diet!!

It is pretty safe to say that I over indulged over the festive period. As I put on my uniform I had to do some breathing in. So, the new year diet and fitness plan has begun! I have been successfully tee-total so far this month, although my best mates 30th birthday party may test my resolve tomorrow. I have been very good and only had one teeny weeny Green and Blacks choccie bar, sticking to cherries and nectarines. But I don't care what anyone says, they simply are not as goods as a home made muffin or slice of cake.

Here is some piccies of latest creation; banana, pecan nut and maple syrup cakes. I had some black bananas looking at me that were just needing to be made into something. However, I took them al into work and passed them out, without even trying one!! It was a sad but proud day for me. I was informed that there wasn't enough syrup, so I will have to try again soon.

This weekend I will be making a fruit cake for a friends wedding, the aroma of rum wafted through the kitchen the other day as soaked the fruit. So this will once again fulfill my baking needs without me breaking my diet rules. However, at the sight of my friends home-made chocolate fudge bday cake I may falter........................I will let you know how I get on.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New year everybody. I hope you have had a good christmas break. I was visited by my family for the Christmas period, and cooked a mammoth amount of beef. I found myself bamboozled in the butchers when presented with the selection of Christmas meats. I chose rib of beef on the bone, and it came in at a whopping £65!!! But, it was delicious, and my only mishap was under cooked parsnips.

I am now visiting my partners family on a grand tour of England, but I have my knitting with me to keep me occupied. Although, I have lost one needle under the car. I found it by lying on my belly with a torch!! The next mishap was my partner attempting to whip me with the needle and snap!!!!! Sense of humor failure I have to admit.

But I hope your new year is going well and I will be back soon with photos of my makes over the holidays.