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Friday, 13 August 2010

Foraging fun and allotment treats

I love it when you stumble across wild fruit hidden in the undergrowth, its like finding a wild jewel peeking out at you. The woods behind my house are full of fruit and mushrooms just waiting to be found. So today I went on a raspberry hunt. Next weekend its the village fair and one of the competitions is for homemade raspberry jam, so I figure, if the raspberries are local I may stand a chance. Here is my haul.

I already have the same amount again, so hopefully I will have enough for a jar of jam! I will post some pictures of my jam making tomorrow.

We have also had a couple of productive hours in the veggie plot this afternoon. It was time to pick the last of the beans and peas, and dig up the plants to make some room for new ones.

I also pulled all the onions to start drying them out. One of the delights of the veg plot for me has been the onion flowers, they are simply stunning, I can't wait to create some art inspired by them. Here are some piccies of our veggie spoils, I'm so proud of them, it's so satisfying getting to eat somthing you have grown.

I have grown 'Tumbling Tom's' in my hanging baskets and they have done fantastically well. Again I love hunting for them everyday by twirling round the baskets. I have found a recipe for green tomato chutney, and I'm secretly hoping that some of them don't ripen to give it a go! Well wish me luck on my jam making journey.

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