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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Knitting for begginners

Over Christmas my godmother taught me to knit. I had attempted once before as a young brownie, and promptly gave up, allowing Auntie Is to complete the project. However, I felt that as my Grandmother and Aunty Is were both knitters it was time to attempt it again. I started out thinking I would make a patchwork style blanket, far too adventurous, and quickly began a more simpler scarf.
I bought the wool on a trip to Skye over the new year, from a shop called Ragamuffin. Its a beautiful un-spun yarn that varies in thickness and colour. (Auntie Is says its 'funny stuff') My first mistake was making the scarf too wide at 20 stitches and I fast run out or wool, oops. I hunted iver the internet and found the shops website (which is still being built) and emailed the owner. One very sketchy description later and I am now knitting, all be it very slowly, again. So a big thankyou to the owner for understanding me!

I am now following the shops blog at http://ragamuffinloves.blogspot.com They have a shop in Edinburgh and one on Skye - they are well worth a visit. Lovely wools and handmade garments.

I will keep you udated about the scarf progress. Pictures to come later.

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