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Monday, 6 September 2010

Bonbi Forest treats

Here is my Bonbi Forest journey in pictures. I have been eyeing up Lee May Foster's work and jewelery for a while now, and as soon as pay day arrived I decided to treat myself. I was so excited when the parcel arrived, but I didn't expect the amazing packaging that was inside. It was so much fun un-wrapping the necklace, the box was so intricate and gorgeous. I loved the little arrows showing me the way in. A truly fabulous way to package somthing, professional and fun. You can buy your own bit of fun at www.bonbiforest.com

And here is the gem inside the origami box, a stunningly made necklace. I've not taken it off since it arrived, its perfect for dressing up a simple white tee. Love it, more treats will be winging their way to sunny Scotland I think.

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  1. Hello Amy, I found your sweet post through Google Alerts...I'm so pleased you like your necklace and enjoyed the packaging! Thanks so much for posting about it :) xXx